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Workplace Solutions

Workplace Solutions

Our approach to designing any work space is founded on the fundamental expectation of improving employee satisfaction, collaboration and output. More and more companies are realising the importance of modernising and reinvigorating the workspace in order to create a dynamic environment in which their staff can thrive and contribute to the overall success of the business.

Our passion and speciality lie in the creation of custom spaces that promote open collaboration, individual performance and collective growth. We begin with the client’s end goals in mind and develop a design strategy to ensure the final product is coherent.

Workplace Solutions

Innovations Hubs & Collaboration Spaces

Open plan energetic spaces that promote enthusiastic contribution, brainstorming and innovation through the use of vibrant colours, casual furniture and fun touches.

Workplace Solutions

Reception Areas & Working Spaces

Welcoming reception areas that project a professional image and visually define your company’s mission. Bespoke boardrooms and working spaces tailored for individual and departmental performance.

Workplace Solutions

Entertainment Areas & Pause Zones

An essential part in creating a well-balanced working environment is to ensure your staff enjoy their time spent at work. Whether you are looking to develop a fun space to entertain clients and staff or a casual area for employees to socialise, we cover all aspects from design to installation.

Workplace Solutions

The Connected Workspace

In collaboration with our trusted partners, we are able to offer true business automation, conferencing facilities and audio-visual installations – bringing your company into the next generation of communication.

Workplace Solutions

Turnkey Construction and Fit-out

Bringing ideas to life is at the core of our service. Having built sustainable relationships with specialist suppliers and contractors over the years, we are able to provide a full turnkey offering.

Workplace Solutions

Full Service List

• Full Interior Design Services
• Furniture Design, Sourcing & Procurement
• Structural design & detailing
• Business Automation & Connectivity
• Innovation & Collaboration Spaces
• Reception and waiting areas
• Entertainment & Pause Areas
• Conference & Event Venues
• Bespoke boardrooms & Working areas
• Public Spaces
• Specifications Registers & Project Documentation
• Budgeting, Costing and Procurement
• Project Management
• Turnkey Construction & Fit-out
• Hardware & Software Finance