Principia Design

Principia Design (Pty) Ltd is an internationally active design firm based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our core competency is to deliver interior design, space planning, architecture and property development services to the commercial, residential, retail and hospitality sectors.
We are dedicated to providing our clients with a creative and customised turnkey service whilst maintaining a very personal and professional working relationship. With over 150 clients and counting our aim is to continue growing as one of the most sought after and leading firms in the industry.

How we work

Every project is unique in its brief but they all require the same creative process from design to construction.

Meetandgreet Phase 1: Meet and Greet
Every project starts with a brief. We meet the client and determine their needs in a comprehensive manner to define the project constraints and develop a brief which triggers the design process.
get-to-work Phase 2: Off to Work
Once we align ourselves with the client and their requirements we get busy on the conceptual design. This covers everything fromdrawings to sourcing and pricing.
Letsgetserious Phase 3: Let’s get Serious
When the client is happy with the intended concept we then proceed with final design work and/or costings for their approval.Any terms and conditions are then discussed prior to project go ahead.
DOne-Deal Phase 4: Done Deal
When designs are finalised and the green light is given, we proceed with the project construction and/or installation through to hand over.